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Building a No-Code Scalable Data Platform helping Mobile game Publishers

Growth FullStack is a comprehensive data pipeline platform designed to empower mobile game publishers by integrating intricate data sets seamlessly, eliminating the necessity for in-house data engineering teams.

We have build a platform that is highly dynamic, enabling the creation, scaling, and cost-management of these data pipelines. It adapts to customers' existing infrastructure, aligns with their specific needs, required integrations, and efficiently handles costs.

Technologies: GCP, AWS, Airflow, Kubernetes, BigQuery, dbt, Docker

What we did

We successfully implemented a cloud-based infrastructure equipped with automated Continuous Integration/Continuous Deployment (CI/CD) processes. Our team developed a robust backend system and seamlessly integrated dbt (data build tool) for efficient data modeling and transformation. The solution was designed to handle scalable workloads, ensuring flexibility and adaptability as demands grew. Additionally, we developed multiple connectors to enhance connectivity and data exchange between various systems. Furthermore, our expertise extended to the integration of Machine Learning (ML) models, providing advanced analytical capabilities, and seamless integration with various applications, enhancing the overall functionality and efficiency of the system.


Growth FullStack is on a mission to help mobile game publishers to pursue their marketing analytics goals, collect the data to their prefered destination, and streamline their data pipeline development without in-house data engineers.

Their customer are of different size, some small and some quite big. Also, every customer needs to integrate their own data destination, and data sources. And to add a bit more of complexity, there are different required insights that each customer needs from their data.


Our goal in this project was to build a scalable platform, that is able to cater to a diverse range of customers, serve their needs without breaking the bank.


Collaboratively, our team, in conjunction with Growth FullStack, successfully deployed an innovative and scalable solution poised to support both Growth FullStack and their customers throughout their growth trajectory. We executed numerous integrations with industry leaders, providing a robust framework. Moreover, we empowered customers by offering a wide array of options: they could select from our predefined transformations or bring their own, ensuring a tailored approach to their specific needs. This approach not only enhanced flexibility but also streamlined the entire integration process, marking a significant step forward in enabling Growth FullStack and its clients to navigate their expansion journeys seamlessly.


Our collaborative efforts culminated in the development of a sophisticated cloud-native platform that possesses the remarkable ability to cater to the diverse needs of both sizable enterprises and smaller businesses. One of the key achievements of this endeavor lies in the platform's scalability: as the customer base expands, the infrastructure seamlessly grows to accommodate the increasing demands, ensuring uninterrupted support.

A pivotal aspect of this project was the integration of multiple components, meticulously orchestrated to operate cohesively. This integration was meticulously designed to guarantee that customers have access to a comprehensive suite of services tailored to their exact specifications. From integrations and transformations to storage solutions, our platform offers a seamless and tailored experience, allowing customers to configure their setups precisely to their preferences. This holistic approach underscores our commitment to delivering a versatile and adaptable solution that not only meets but exceeds the unique requirements of each user, establishing a foundation for sustained growth and success.

Carole Wai Hai, General Manager


Data Max team is committed and very pleasant to work with. They helped us from the beginning of the development of our product and always demonstrate to be ready to go the extra mile for our project to be successful and delivered on time.
Bujar and his squad are experts of their space and add great value to our team of full-time engineers.

They don't shy away from the hardest challenges and always have clear recommendations presenting the pros and cons of each solution. I would highly recommend Data Max.

Discover how our data and AI experts can transform your business. Reach out to us today to explore your potential!

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