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Automated CV Parsing Using GenAI, established in 2015 and initially a project within DM Consulting Services since 2008, is a leading job matching platform designed to help employers find the right talent in Albania, the Balkan region, and emerging countries at affordable prices using advanced technology.


The platform has developed a large community of over 300,000 jobseekers, employers, and fans worldwide, growing daily. It aims to become the leading job matching service provider in the Balkans and expand further into other regional and developing markets.

To enable the creation of such practical scenarios, we have constructed a highly adaptable data platform that can scale dynamically, spans across multiple compute locations, and guarantees reliability.

Technologies: AWS, Lambda, DynamoDB, S3, OpenAI

Challenge sought to streamline the process for jobseekers creating online profiles by using Generative AI to automatically populate profiles from existing CVs. Additionally, duapune aimed to offer personalized recommendations to both jobseekers and employers, ensuring optimal matches for job opportunities.


We approached the challengs by building an automated, privacy preserving and scalable solution. The key strategies we adopted include:

  1. Leveraging sophisticated machine learning techniques to automate the extraction of structured information from CVs.

  2. Ensuring that PII data is parsed separately from other data models to maintain security.

  3. Converting CVs to a standard format and using a fine-tuned Donut model to extract PII data.

  4. Sending non-PII data to the GenAI engine (OpenAI API) to convert it into a structured JSON format.

  5. Utilizing a robust sentence-transformer model to convert relevant data parts into embeddings.

  6. Calculating compatibility scores between jobseekers and job postings using cosine similarity.

  7. Optimizing the process by checking existing results before recalculating scores.

  8. Hosting the solution on AWS, using services like S3, Lambda, and DynamoDB for storage and processing.


This streamlined approach allowed us to enhance the efficiency and accuracy of's job matching process, ensuring a seamless experience for both jobseekers and employers.


This solution provided multiple benefits to our client, including:

  1. Automatically enrich job seeker’s portal profile based on their resume.

  2. Provide recommendations personalized for the job seekers based on their experiences and interests

  3. Provide recommendations of the best qualified candidates for companies

  4. Speed up the job matching process, ensuring that job seekers are efficiently paired with opportunities that align with their skills, experience, and interests.

Arbër Strazimiri, CTO


We had the pleasure of partnering with Data Max on an AI/ML project, and their team demonstrated exceptional expertise, dedication, and professionalism. Their proficiency in data analysis and machine learning was evident from the initial planning stages through to the implementation of algorithms tailored to solving problems for our online job board platform.


They fostered a collaborative environment that made it easy to share ideas, address concerns, and adapt to any changes. We highly recommend Data Max to any organization seeking a reliable, innovative, and skilled partner in data analysis and AI/ML.

Discover how our data and AI experts can transform your business. Reach out to us today to explore your potential!

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