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Data Max supports companies to supercharge their data journey. We help you:

  • scale your team with our certified expert engineers

  • build performant machine learning platforms that deliver reliable day-to-day data insight

  • build a scalable data infrastructure

  • build for reliability and resilience


“We at Urban Sports Club can’t recommend Data Max highly enough. They were able to step in quickly when we needed to fill a temporary data engineering gap, they efficiently managed to help us maintain all areas of our data engineering with an unmatched high level of skill. Not only did they do the task we presented but also offered innovative solutions and possible developments for further optimization, truly professionals in this area with a lot of knowledge and expertise. Sadik and his trustworthy team worked diligently to address our business needs!"

Sophie Vos, Team Lead, Urban Sports Club

“Data Max team is committed and very pleasant to work with. They helped us from the beginning of the development of our product and always demonstrate to be ready to go the extra mile for our project to be successful and delivered on time.
Bujar and his squad are experts of their space and add great value to our team of full-time engineers. They don't shy away from the hardest challenges and always have clear recommendations presenting the pro and con of each solution. I would highly recommend Data Max."

Carole Wai Hai, General Manager, Growth FullStack

Technologies we use

We have embraced open-source technologies and cloud to deliver modern solutions that scale and integrate well. This by no means is a comprehensive list of our tech stack competence.

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